Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't go cheap!

Money is hard to earn and easy to spend. That's why we get the cheap version from time to time at the expense of quality, hoping that it will do the job anyway...

Most often, this little money saving tip will work, but not with tablets. I got my hand on a cheap Android tablet (Hipstreet Aurora) a while ago. And when I say cheap, it was really cheap (69$).

It sounded like a good deal as an entry level device to learn about it and eventually explore app development. Knowing about mobile development in a professional career is a must these days. For me, it looked good enough for that purpose since my main tablet is an iPad.

Of course, comparing the Aurora with the iPad is not relevant as they are two different beasts. Anyway, this is how I discovered Android and the after taste is pretty strong.

Overall, Android looks nice and has some pretty nifty features that I don't have on my iPad. But the implementation on the Aurora made the experience pretty awful considering that my expectations are based on the iPad.

It was freezing all the time, it was slow and apps looked awful. I have to say that Google Play was not available on this device and I had to rely on 1Mobile store for apps. Sadly, the apps were a bit old compared to the version found in the Google Play store.

In the end, the whole experience was a disaster. Not because of Android, but because it was a cheap entry level device. I'm pretty sure that a decent device like the Nexus 7 would have been more pleasant and I would have learned more about developing apps for Android.

With tablets, cheap is a waste of money and time. Better get the real deal and be happy!

Patrick Balleux

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