Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Instant audio podcasting with Anchor

Seems that audio broadcasting is the new trend these days.  After Zcast, here's Anchor for iOS.  Think of it as a mix of Vine and Twitter for Audio (duration is set at 2 minutes)

The app Anchor is really nice and easy to use.  The best thing, for now, is the possibility of interacting between the users.  You can reply to any "waves" with your voice.

I've made some tests with my guitar and mandolin to see (hear...) if the quality is good enough for music content.  Anchor is about posdcating on the go and it's the perfect format when you want share with the world a quick recording.  For musicians, it's a great tool to get comments on your latest idea.

The interface is nice and neat.  Like all other social network, you can invite friends, like, share, etc...  The only minor issue I've found is that you cannot login from multiple devices at the same time.  I installed Anchor on my iPad and my iPhone but each time I log into on, I get disconnected from the other.  That something I'll report to the Anchor team a bit later.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Encode a JPanel (Java Swing) into a movie with FFMpeg

A few days a go I was tweaking ScreenStudio 2.0.  The main idea is to create a dynamic overlay a bit like WebcamStudio without having to use a lot of CPU resources.

WebcamStudio is great but do required a powerful computer to make it work.  On the other hand, ScreenStudio is more limited but do have the advantage of being simple to broadcast live your desktop over Twitch and Youtube.

ScreenStudio do support a static overlay created by rendering an HTML file using a JLabel (a label component in Java Swing).  The result is pretty good but do lack dynamic content.  I've tried several ways without major success.  That is until a few days ago.

I knew that FFMpeg is able to read from many sources.  I had, in the past, used a TCP/IP connections to get a BufferedImage to FFMpeg.  The process is slow and do required a lot of code to handle the connections.

I also tried using the OutputStream for the Process to output the content to FFMpeg but it does not work reliably.

Then it occured to me that I could use a fifo file using the command "mkfifo" in linux to output a BufferedImage directly to FFMpeg.

The command is quite simple:

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Zcast, audio streaming in Twitter

A new app for streaming live content as appeared in the Apple AppStore: Zcast.  It's basically Periscope but in audio format only.

This is an interesting app as you may want to stream live content but do not want to show yourself or do not have time to setup a recording studio in your house.  Groups can be created and your audience can interact live with your streaming and participate as guests.

Zcast is brand new so there is not currently a lot of content, as I write this post.  I will give it a try later today.  We'll see how this new podcasting media will workout.  Personally, I have an interest of streaming live while I do practice my guitar every now and then.

Search for "Zcast" in the AppStore for the iPhone.  For now, an Android version is still not available.

Have a great day!